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Shopping Local

Winnipeggers are all about shopping local. And hey, I am too! I think it’s important to support local makers and business owners. As an entrepreneur myself, I know it takes a lot of time, effort, and passion to run your own business and provide products and services to your community.

Winnipeg is quickly becoming known for all the markets and tradeshows we host. Heck, I’m going to one this Saturday afternoon. Whenever I’m at a local market, you can find me on the hunt for homemade jams, baked goods (I know, I know), candles, bath and body products, and accessories.

What you won’t find me searching too hard for is clothes.

Surprising isn’t it? If you know me or watch my Instagram stories, you know how much I love to shop for clothes. My closets (yes, more than one) are literally busting at the seams. Maintenance dude had to come fix it last week!

I was chatting with a local designer this summer about an upcoming road trip I was taking to the states to buy some new clothes. And you know what she said?

“Oh right. You like your cheap fashions.”


“You should shop local and support Winnipeg designers instead of buying from big box stores.”


I told her I would LOVE to shop local and support designers in my community...if only more designers carried my size.



Shop Local Winnipeg

It’s a fact there aren’t enough local designers and boutiques that carry plus size clothes for women. I follow a ton of local boutiques on Instagram and I always see the cutest pieces. But when I go to their website most of their stuff only goes up to a size large. Once in a while I’ll come across an extra large...which is really just a large in disguise.

The only times I can actually shop locally for hip new fashions is when pieces are one-size-fits-all or are designed to be oversized. I mean come on. If you don’t know how to design and produce plus size clothing, take a friggin class or something. Unless you only want your designs to be seen on a smaller body type in which case, we’re. Not. Friends.

And before you comment with “I’m sure you can order custom sizes, blah blah blah,” I shouldn’t have to! There are plenty of plus size women in Winnipeg and ya know what? We also need clothes. It’s quite illegal to walk the streets naked dontchaknow! Supply and demand, yo.

Not only do us big and beautiful women need clothes too, we want things that look good, are on trend, and are designed with US in mind. Not all of us want to cover our voluptuous bodies with baggy t-shirts and sweats from Wal-Mart, honey.

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a coordinator who was looking for models for an upcoming fashion show here in Winnipeg. Models in this show are selected because they’re seen as influential women in the community and I was beyond honoured to be approached. But I can’t hide the fact the first thought that popped into my head was “I wonder which designer will be tasked with trying to conjure up something that fits me.”

I know there are designers here in Winnipeg who design for plus size women, but unfortunately they are few and far between.

Who’s going to step up and start incorporating pieces designed to fit us bigger women? We deserve to feel beautiful too.

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