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2018 Health & Fitness Goals

2018 Health & Fitness Goals

New Year, new me.

This is going to by my year.

2018 will be my best year yet.

And all that jazz.

As cheesy as all of that sounds, I’m going to make sure I’m working overtime to make it all true.

I started my very public weight-loss journey on August 1, 2017. My “end” goal with this specific journey is to drop down to a weight of 200lbs. Sure, weighing 200lbs still sounds like a lot, but I literally can’t remember the last time I was 200lbs. I’ve been closer to or over 300lbs for so long that losing 100+ pounds is going to feel absolutely incredible. Of course my journey won’t stop there; my official goal weight is 140-160lbs. I still gotta keep it on the thick side, ya know? The juiciness of this booty ain’t going no where!

My plan is to reach 200lbs by the end of this year and to do that, there a few things I need to change and a few things I need to ensure I’m doing consistently.

Here’s a list of my health and fitness goals for 2018.

health and fitness

1. Hit the gym 4-6 times per week.

This is something I’ve been doing consistently for a while now, and is something I plan to continue doing...probably for the rest of my life lol. I actually really enjoy working out. In addition to helping me get in shape, working out regularly helps ensure I’m up bright and early and that I’m in the right mind frame to tackle my day.

2. Do yoga every Sunday.

Last summer I did yoga almost every Sunday morning. I used to do Jillian Michael’s yoga meltdown on YouTube, but her video was removed so I had to find an alternative (which I can’t recall at the moment). It’s been months since I’ve done downward dog, so I definitely need to get back into the yoga game. Chantelle Andercastle is the owner of Compose Yoga, and a member of a network of Winnipeg lady bosses I started last year. I’m signed up to receive a link to a new yoga video to my inbox a few times a month, so my plan is to catch up on all the ones I haven’t tried yet (which is all of them if I’m being honest), and to do them every week.

3. Sign up for a weekly fitness class.

Although I typically work out on my own at the gym in my apartment or in front of a YouTube video in my bedroom, I really like fitness classes. I need to find a fun one that I want to commit to weekly for a 12-week session. Pound classes are my favourite, so if I can track down one of those that would be ideal. Pound is a type of cardio class that uses weighted drum sticks and it’s an absolute blast.

4. Start running.

I’m definitely not a runner, but I like the IDEA of running. When I was in university I would hit the treadmill regularly, or run around an outdoor track near my apartment. Right now I feel like running puts too much stress on my joints, but this is something I want to get back into when I’m down about 30lbs or so.

5. Weigh myself less often.

I used to weigh myself every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, which was already excessive. Now I weigh myself almost every single day which is dumb. I often let the number on the scale dictate whether or not I eat healthy that day, or if I’m going to indulge in crap. And it can really go either way depending on my mood. Sometimes I’ll see the numbers going down and I’ll either decide I can afford to treat myself, or that I’ll eat healthy that day so I can lose even more. Or, I’ll see the number stay stagnant or increase so I’ll say fuck it – give me all the cake! Or, girl you best be eating some damn salad today!

6. Up my smoothie game.

I try and make a smoothie every weekday morning after my workout. For the longest time I would just blend together fruit and almond milk. I really just wanted a way to ensure I was getting in a few servings of fruit everyday. Recently I started adding in spinach and ground flax seed for a few added health benefits. I plan on keeping this up but I also want to experiment with adding protein powders into the mix.

7. Eat less dessert.

I LOVE me some dessert. Cakes, ice cream, danishes – you name it! I refuse to give them up completely, but I do want to make sure I’m consuming these tasty treats in moderation. One idea I had was to either only eat dessert I make myself (because I don’t make them very often), or only have them when I’m at a restaurant, assuming they have something to my liking. My issue right now comes from buying dessert from the grocery store or a local bakery on a regular basis. I need a plan that’s a little less regular.

8. Try new and healthy recipes consistently.

I used to cook up something new every week, but I’ve been slacking in the food creativity department. I need to go through some of my Pinterest boards and choose some healthy new recipes to test out in the upcoming weeks.

9. Do weekly meal prep.

I used to prep my meals for the week every Sunday, but I haven’t been doing that since I moved back to Winnipeg the fall of 2016. Because I work from home I figured I could just make shit on the fly, but when I do that I’m more likely to make unhealthy choices out of laziness to whip up something good. Plus, I’ll be back at a 9-5 starting Monday so meal prep is definitely going to be essential.

10. Get off my blood pressure meds.

I have fairly high blood pressure, so I’ve been on medication for the last few years. There was a period where I was both exercising consistently and eating healthy (things I rarely do at the same time), and during that period I was able to keep off my meds for a few months. I fell back into old habits and back on medication I went. If I can manage to consistently work through all of my above goals, this too shall be achieved by the end of the year.

11. Blog and journal consistently.

This is the first blog post I’ve written for you guys since November 2017. My goal was to put up a new post every week, so that’s my goal for the rest of the year. I put out a lot of content for my business (I’m a marketing connoisseur and copywriter) so sometimes when it comes to writing for this space I feel like I’ve already written so much so I keep putting it off. I also want to make sure I’m journaling more consistently. Originally I wanted to do it every day, which I found to be way too much of a time commitment. I’d like to up this journal about 3-4 times per week.

So there ya have it folks – my health and fitness goals for the rest of 2018.

Do we share some of the same goals? Throw a few of yours down in the comments and let’s chat.

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