Just a fluffy girl working towards becoming a little less fluffy.



Yesterday I had a meeting with a trainer here in Winnipeg. He’s looking to up his social media game. I’m looking to shed them pounds. Only makes sense that we team up and help each other out.

I’ll be meeting with Valentine Payne again tomorrow afternoon for my initial assessment, and to further discuss what our collaboration will entail. At the minimum I’ll be enrolled in his program for 3 months, and in return I’ll be documenting his role in my weight-loss journey here on this blog and on Instagram.

I’m excited for tomorrow’s assessment because in addition to weighing in, Valentine will be taking all of my measurements. Although there have been weeks where I’ve gained pounds instead of lost, I notice that the exercising I’ve been doing it is making a difference in how my body looks. My arms have slightly more definition (depending on the angle you look at them, my quads are firming, and my chest seems to be a pit more…perky.

I’ll be sure to post all of my measurements tomorrow after my assessment.

***Weightloss Update - down 4lbs since August 1st, 2017***

October 2017 Measurements

Thanksgiving Weekend