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October 2017 Measurements

I totally meant to post these last month. Sorry friends!

When I met with my trainer last month for my assessment, he took down all of my measurements so we could keep track of my progress month to month. I'm used to only tracking pounds lost, so it'll be nice to my progress in other forms.

October 17, 2017 Assessment

Neck - 19"

Shoulders - 56"

Chest - 51.5"

Right arm - 21"

Left arm - 21"

Waist - 53"

Hips - 55"

Right thigh - 35"

Left thigh - 35"

Right calf - 21"

Left calf - 21"

Weight - 327.2lbs

Looking forward to seeing what my November numbers will be!

***Weightloss Update - down 8lbs since August 1st, 2017***


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