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I almost Cheated

I’m on a 30-day challenge where I don’t eat any chips, desserts, candy, white breads, potatoes, and a few other things I need to cut back on. Emotional eating definitely plays a role in my eating habits, and I almost let my emotions today lead me to dessert.

My credit card was stuck in a parking meter and I couldn’t get it out because my French manicure is too long, and my hands were numb from the cold. In that 5 minutes of frustration I decided,

“Fuck it. I’m getting dessert. I’m pissed and I deserve a treat!”

As luck would have it, two parking patrols were walking by and I asked if they could help. The guy pulled my car out of the meter within seconds.

After I finished paying for parking (with change) I headed to the coffee shop I was going to do some work at, and instead of buying one of the cookies or doughnuts that looked oh so yummy, I opted for a hipster snack – a small toasted almond and chia square that cost me $5.  It tasted aight but definitely wasn’t works five bucks.

But, at least I didn’t cheat on my challenge, so yay me :)

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