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Tonight's Dinner Menu

Sitting here listening the the Being Boss Podcast while trying to get this damn website ready to go for tomorrow. Web design is one of my least favourite things. Even the simplest platform can give me a headache. 

I have honey-lime sriracha chicken marinating in the fridge and all I wanna do is stop working and cook it. Am I super hungry? No. But chicken (unless it's chicken breast) takes forever to cook so if I start it now, I'll be nice and hungry by the time it's ready. 

My doctor said to replace the white rice I eat with brown or basmati. Lucky for me, basmati is my FAVOURITE type of rice. However, I opted for brown sticky rice a few weeks ago and although I don't care for it too much, I wanna finish it up before I buy me some more basmati. So with my chicken I'll be eating brown sticky rice and mixed frozen veggies. I prefer fresh but when I was at Walmart yesterday I didn't have time to buy 10 different kinds of veggies. Oh well. 

Pizza & Cake