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Pizza & Cake

Last night mama Jennings and I went to Memorial Park to watch Jumanji. After the movie she asked me if I would take her to get pizza and I said no. It was 10:30 p.m., and I was cold, sleepy, and I wanted to hurry home so I could pee. I knew she was going to need a ride today, so I told her I would take her for pizza then so I could kill two birds with one stone.

As soon as I said I would take her, I decided I would get pizza for myself too. Do I need pizza? Of course not. I made six drumsticks of honey-lime sriracha chicken last night, and I have enough left for tonight's meal. Still, the idea of pizza is appealing so my plan is to forgo my leftovers and have two slices of pizza for dinner. 

Oh but that's not all. I've been craving cake for like a week. I've had different sweets throughout the week, but nothing satisfies my craving for sugar like a good ole piece of cake. 

So. The plan for this evening is to stop at Jumbo for two slices of pizza (because getting one isn't an option, right?!) and then at Jeanne's to get two (again...why get one when you can get two) small squares of cake.

I'm already regretting this decision, but since my mind has already been made up, I shall proceed. 

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