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Yoga & Today's Menu

Just finished a 20-minute yoga video from Sarah Beth. On the weekends I like to stray away from long or intense workouts and just do something short and simple. Yoga is definitely one of my favourite weekend workouts, but I sometimes switch it up to do leg exercises or other strength training that can be done from the comfort of my bedroom floor.

On the Menu for Today

·11:45 a.m. – homemade crepes with grandma Jennings

·3:00 p.m. - pre-dinner at Pineridge Hollow with friends. I don’t know what you call a meal that happens at 3pm…

·6:30 p.m. – actual dinner (depending on how full we are from our 3pm meal) with friends before we have a Harry Potter marathon. It’s burger week here in Winnipeg so I might snag myself one of them funky bad boys if I’m hungry enough

·In the vicinity of 6:30 p.m. – ice cream from Sargent Sundae. I’m more of a BDI gal but I likes to try new thangs.

Workout Break & Labour Day

Pizza & Cake