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January 2018 Measurements

Whelp. I tired my best (kind of) ti eat right over the holidays. I was going well the first few weeks of December, but it's the last two week that got me. Between Christmas, a friend's wedding, and New Years, I knew there was going to be some struggle.

I went into December with a strong feeling that I wouldn't lose any weight, which is fine. My goal was simply to maintain and not gain anything I lost in November. My eating habits changed (not for the best), but for the most part I was consistent with my workouts. The last week of December I didn't go to Valentine Payne Fitness at all, but I did manage to get workouts in at the gym in my apartment building.

I usually get my measurements taken at the end of the month, but I went back to Valentine's gym the first week of January so that's when we took them.

January 3, 2018 Assessment

Neck - 17" (up 1 from November)

Shoulders - 56" (up 2)

Chest - 49" (up. 5)

Right arm - 18.5" (down .5)

Left arm - 18.5" (down .5)

Waist - 54" (down 2)

Hips - 53" (down .5)

Right thigh - 35" (up 3.5)

Left thigh - 35" (up 3.5)

Right calf - 19.5" (up .5)

Left calf - 19.5" (up .5)

Weight - 317.4 lbs (up 1.3)

So, most of the numbers went up, but only by a little bit. And I gained 1.3lbs which is less than I was expecting towards the end of December. Let's hope I can get back on track this month. January's already been a struggle, but I still have almost 3 weeks to turn it around before I take my end of the month measurements. 

***Weightloss Update - down 14lbs since August 1st, 2017***

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